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5 Tips of Preparing a Great Send off to Loved One

After receiving those bad news that a member of you family has departed, the other thing you think about is how to plan a funeral. When you get that news and none of the members can afford a funeral the other thing that you can think about is planning celebration of life. If you are the one charged with the responsibility of planning the celebration, knowing where to begin is something that is critical to you at this moment. With these 5 steps, you can have a decent funeral send ideas for the celebration for your loved one.

Think about the memory capsule. That is a great way of making sure everyone who is attendance is involved. There are many ways in which those who attend can be involved. One 9of the things you can get everyone involved Is by asking each of them to bring something that reminds them of the deceased person. There are no limit t what they can bring. The things to bring is varied from precious jewelry to papers with smog relics. It can either be a piece of paper with smog relics on it to even jewelry. Some of the people can give the story behind the item s they brought. All the items could be put in a box and buried in the place where the person liked to spend most of their time.

Another thing that you can include in your plan is to have a tree planted. It is a wise thing to do to anyone who loved trees. The tree should be planted in a spot that the person who has died loved most. You may think of allowing people to say something before planting the tree.

You may also light sky lanterns for the deceased person. The activity involves lighting a night sky lanterns to honor the departed soul. Let the people come together and write some messages on a piece of paper. You have to light lanterns when the sun is set so that the light looks something great in the darks. All the papers should be lit before they are all released at the same time. It will be intersecting to watch them fly away until the last one.

You can also think about having personalized remembrance take away. In this case you can think of something that you can give the people who attend the celebration to go hoe home with for remembrance of the departed should. Also, something else that you can do is to prepare a video tribute or a playlist. You can ask the attendees to send you some pictures in advance. That will enable you to get everything ready before the celebrations start. You can make the event successful you allow other people to help you with the preparations as well.